It Really Is Such A Small World!

I’m not one for cliches, but I had something happen to me this past weekend that make me think of how small of a world it is:

I was in Austin, TX for work, and I wanted to show up to my client’s building in a black car. (gots to maintain the image!) So I found a limo company online, which, by the way, I loved, and would recommend to anyone (


So the driver picks me up from the airport, and we start to talk. We make small talk, weather, sports, the market… then we venture into business, particularly his limo business. So he starts talking about a paradigm shift he had 6 months ago from a book, one that completely changed his brain, and subsequently his business started to be affected (very positively, mind you).

Then he says something that made me realize we basically idolized the same guy! He said that you have to put forth 10x the effort you think it would require to receive the results you’re seeking (I’m paraphrasing). And I was like, “Dude! The 10X Rule!” We had… a moment.

But seriously, it was pretty freaking cool to know that the same book that changed my life, the same author, helped this guy out too. I wish I could remember his name to give him props. But I’ll find out next time I’m in Austin. Cause I’ll use his services again.

But what happened next was almost serendipitous. I get to my client’s site. We chat for a bit, decide to grab lunch. So since I still had my black car waiting for me, we took that to The Driskill (which was freakin amazing). But on the way, my client asks this guy about his limo business, and 10x came up again. And get this! My client says, “Grant Cardone! That guy is a legend, and he changed my world.”

Can you believe that?! I thought I was the only one! I mean, clearly I’m not the only one. But I just thought I’d share my cliche for the day that it really is such a small world!


Affiliate Marketing

For those of you with the ‘gift of gab’, or just an insane ability to write a lot, then affiliate marketing is one of the primo ways to go when it comes to making money online.

But, the only way you are going to see money rolling into your bank account from your affiliate marketing blog, is if you set it up correctly and you do it consistently. Basically, if you mess up the set up, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Luckily, it isn’t too hard. Just very tedious.

You have go to do your research before diving head first into an affiliate marketing endeavor. Research will be what keeps you in the green, and keeps your future audience happy.

You need to figure out EXACTLY what YOU want to sell. No, these will not be your products, but you are going to be the one promoting them. Do it wisely. You want to make a good name for yourself, and the best way to do that is to not promote crappy, junky products.

Figure out what you are passionate about and start there. If you like something, you’re going to want to write about it much more often than you would if you hated the products. One of my advisers just did this with his new blog at: He loves him some WordPress! So it’s natural and easy for him to blog about the hosting plan he uses, the most SEO-friendly WordPress theme and so on.

Also, try to focus on products that are in demand. Pick markets that you know EVERYONE generally wants something in. Think of it this way: can you name one person that honestly doesn’t want to be rich, skinny, and loved? No? Didn’t think so. So, try to focus on stuff like making money, the health industry, or dating sites. Those are what is referred to as ‘evergreen’ markets.

So, once you have finally decided on the WHAT of your selling game, you need to focus on the WHO you are selling it to. Really narrow this one down. Not every product is great for every person. So, figure out who is best for your product and find out how to target them.

For example, if your product is in the ‘make money’ niche, and focuses on working at home, then your target audience probably won’t be that rich CEO with a billion dollar income. Instead, you should find a way to target families, specifically moms, with young kids. Stay at home parents, or parents with young kids who want to stay at home, are the primo audience for a ‘making money online’ niche.

Now, comes the HOW part. You know exactly what you are selling and who you are selling it to. Fantastic. Now, how are you going to get them to see what you have to sell? You absolutely have to get your words in front of their eyes. So, you have to market your content where they are.

If you use that earlier example, and are marketing to parents who want to stay at home with their kids, then you need to be where the moms are. Moms read mom blogs, visit parenting forums, and comb through a variety of parenting groups on social media sites. Which means that is where you also need to be.

The best way to do that, is to get your blog off and running. Add content, then add some more content. When you think you’ve added enough, then you should keep going. Honestly, this is going to be an ongoing process. So, you should probably get used to it now.

Write about your products, why they are great, why you use them, and how they have bettered your life. Go into great detail. And I mean tons of detail. Make sure to include everything. The more info you give upfront, the higher probability you will have of those who read your sites actually trusting the info you give.

Now, once you’ve started doing that, join some discussion boards and forums. Get your info in front of the parents there. Use social media as well (seriously, parents love social media. Moms especially love Pinterest). This will all ensure that the right people are seeing the right info.

Affiliate marketing can be rewarding and lucrative, if you do it correctly. Keep your mind open and keep the content flowing. Before you know it, your bank account will be slamming in the dough.

Grant Cardone Bailed Me Out!

My name is Brian McDonald, and this is my personal Blog.

A little bit about me:

I’m an… entrepreneur. Now I know what you’re thinking, “That means you’re unemployed!” Well at least that’s what I think when I see people describe themselves as such. But I do own and operate two businesses, both of which brought in 6-figures last year.

But like most people who are entrepreneurs in the true sense of the word, it’s not enough to keep me excited. I need more action!

Sure, we all have the same dream, retire at 35, have a residual income of 7-figures annually, in essence seeing the fruitage of our hard work. But I live in reality, and reality dictates that you don’t get anything for nothing. You also don’t get anything by being like the “People’s Front of Judea” from the brilliant movie “Life of Brian”, sitting around talking about it.



That being said, I’ve been researching the work of a very successful individual by the name of Grant Cardone.

This guy is inspirational to me, and has brought about a paradigm shift for me, not only in the way I do things, but in the way I think about my success and plans.

So I plan on using this blog to document some of my epiphanies and subsequent successes.

Thanks Grant! You really bailed me out!