It Really Is Such A Small World!

I’m not one for cliches, but I had something happen to me this past weekend that make me think of how small of a world it is:

I was in Austin, TX for work, and I wanted to show up to my client’s building in a black car. (gots to maintain the image!) So I found a limo company online, which, by the way, I loved, and would recommend to anyone (


So the driver picks me up from the airport, and we start to talk. We make small talk, weather, sports, the market… then we venture into business, particularly his limo business. So he starts talking about a paradigm shift he had 6 months ago from a book, one that completely changed his brain, and subsequently his business started to be affected (very positively, mind you).

Then he says something that made me realize we basically idolized the same guy! He said that you have to put forth 10x the effort you think it would require to receive the results you’re seeking (I’m paraphrasing). And I was like, “Dude! The 10X Rule!” We had… a moment.

But seriously, it was pretty freaking cool to know that the same book that changed my life, the same author, helped this guy out too. I wish I could remember his name to give him props. But I’ll find out next time I’m in Austin. Cause I’ll use his services again.

But what happened next was almost serendipitous. I get to my client’s site. We chat for a bit, decide to grab lunch. So since I still had my black car waiting for me, we took that to The Driskill (which was freakin amazing). But on the way, my client asks this guy about his limo business, and 10x came up again. And get this! My client says, “Grant Cardone! That guy is a legend, and he changed my world.”

Can you believe that?! I thought I was the only one! I mean, clearly I’m not the only one. But I just thought I’d share my cliche for the day that it really is such a small world!